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Each of these monumental projects was once just a gleam in an architect’s eye. Valspar coatings helped bring these great ideas colorfully to life – and will allow them to endure for the ages. Valspar is helping architects imagine, design and build amazing projects.

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

2016 CHOP Buerger CenterMORE

Eser Woodland Home

2015 Eser HomeMORE

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The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA, USA 2016 | Featuring: Fluropon®

“Using brightly colored Fluropon coatings, a horizontal accent band smoothly blends the complex connection between curtainwall and soffits,” explains Jeff Alexander, vice president of sales for Valspar’s global coil and extrusion businesses. “The colors change at each floor, alternating between orange, blue, red, yellow, green and purple. The primary colors match the child-friendly atmosphere further expressed with the handprints in the glass’ frit pattern. It all adds up to create a cheerful welcome for the patients, staff and visitors.”| MORE

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Eser Home

Woodland, CA, USA 2015 | Featuring: Fluropon Kameleon®

Choosing a color for your new home can be a difficult decision. Selecting one single pigment to represent you and your home takes time and consideration and when the Eser’s were faced with this decision in early 2015, they turned to Valspar for help.| MORE

City Center DC

2015 CityCenterDCMORE

JW Marriott Austin

2015 JW MarriottMORE

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Washington, D.C. USA 2015 | Featuring: Fluropon®
Applicator: Texas Finishing Company

CityCenterDC offers a transit- and pedestrian-oriented neighborhood experience in downtown Washington, D.C., that blends 2.5 million square feet of shops, restaurants, apartments, condominiums, offices, a hotel and public spaces. One of the largest urban infill projects ever undertaken in the city, this 10-acre, mixed-use, LEED®-certified development occupies 3.5 city blocks and eight buildings. For the two office towers, Valspar’s Fluropon® coating systems were selected to meet the project’s aesthetic, performance and sustainability goals.

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JW Marriott

Austin, Texas, USA 2015 | Featuring: Fluropon®

Weathered steel is a popular architectural material thanks to its rich, mottled appearance, but it comes at a high price. The architects at HKS Hospitality Group in Dallas, Texas, were reminded of this as they were in the process of designing the new JW Marriott Convention Center Hotel in Austin. The original concept for the building was to integrate natural materials that are found within the Texas landscape. For the façade of the 34-story primary tower, HKS|HG wanted a weathered metal appearance, but when the team saw the estimate to use weathered steel...| MORE


2015 The Humane Society Silicon ValleyMORE

Judson University

2014 Jessie Eccles Quinney Ballet CentreMORE

Valspar InspireME Featured Project The Humane Society Silicon Valley

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The Humane Society Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley, California, U.S.A., 2015 | Featuring: Fluropon®

In a community that is home to many companies known for being both green and pet-friendly, it’s only logical that the Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV) would be a model facility. The 48,000-square-foot Animal Community Center, located in Milpitas, California, offers nearly anything an animal or animal-lover could need: cageless habitats, adoption services, a medical center, doggie daycare, boarding and grooming, and more—and it does it all in a space that is one of the first LEED Gold Certified animal community centers in the country.| MORE

Valspar InspireME Featured Project Salt Lake City's Ballet West

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Jessie Eccles Quinney Ballet Centre

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA 2014 | Featuring: Fluropon®

Constructed during the 50th anniversary of Salt Lake City’s Ballet West, the new Jessie Eccles Quinney Ballet Centre opened as scheduled for the 2014 production of “The Nutcracker.” Helping distinguish this new cultural center, Valspar’s Fluropon® coating systems were selected in four colors for the building’s exterior wall panels, automatic entrances, louvers, interior metal doors and storefront, column covers, skylights and other aluminum framing systems.

Chaffin Junior High School Arkansas, Valspar InspireME Featured Project

2014 Chaffin Junior High SchoolMORE

Beckwith Animal Hospital Valspar InspireME featured project

2014 Beckwith Animal HospitalMORE


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Chaffin Junior High School

Fort Smith, Arkansas USA 2014 | Featuring: Fluropon® Dark Ivy, Kendall Green, Grandview and Spearmint.

The Metal Construction Association (MCA) 2014 Chairman’s Award will honor The Valspar Corporation for its contribution to Chaffin Junior High School’s colorful renovation and addition in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Recognized in the category of “Educational – Primary and Secondary,” the project features metal wall panels and custom, aluminum accents finished in Valspar’s 70% PVDF Fluropon® product.

Beckwith Animal Hospital

Modesto, California USA 2014 | Featuring: Fluropon® Copper Penny 439RZ1543M
End Use Supplier: Kingspan Insulated Panels

Product Solar Reflectance, Thermal Emittance and Solar Reflective Index Values:
[Galvalume: SR: 0.48, E: 0.84, SRI: 54] [HDG: SR: 0.43, E: 0.86, SRI: 48]
*Values vary by color and substrate. Values shown are for Fluropon Copper Penny 439RZ1543M.

Alfond Inn in Rollins Florida Valspar InpsireME featured project

2014 Alfond InnMORE

2014 Altara CenterMORE

Alfond Inn

Rollins, Florida USA 2014 | Featuring: Fluropon® Classic II Bronze
Applicator: Linetec | Skylight Manufacturer/Installer: Super Sky

Altara Center

San Pedro Sula, Honduras 2014

Aspen Art Museum

2014 Aspen Art MuseumMORE

2014 Salt Lake City Public SafetyMORE

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Aspen Art Museum

Aspen, Colorado USA 2014 | Featuring: Fluropon®
Applicator: Linetec

Linetec and Valspar provide consistent, durable finish for Aspen Art Museum’s white exterior composed of multiple architectural metal products. 2014 Pritzker Prize for architecture winner, Shigeru Ban and his New York practice, Shigeru Ban Architects + Dean Maltz Architect (SBA) designed the new $45 million Aspen Art Museum (AAM), which was completed along with Colorado-based executive architects Cottle Carr Yaw Architects (CCY). Featuring an iconic, composite geometric screen that drapes the museum’s bright glass and white metal exterior on two sides, the new AAM facility was completed in August 2014. Linetec finished the aluminum-framed curtainwall, windows, sliding door and skylight systems in its Pure White color. Using Valspar’s Fluropon, Linetec matched and blended the 70% polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) coating in-house to provide a consistent appearance across multiple products and manufacturers.

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Salt Lake City Public Safety

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA 2010 | Featuring: Fluropon® Classic II Coating

Created to house the city's police department, fire department, and emergency dispatchers, the Salt Lake City Public Safety Building (PSB) is designed to function in both everyday and not-so-everyday circumstances. In addition to its use as a regular office space for 400 employees, the 174,000-square-foot building can withstand a magnitude-7.5 earthquake...| MORE

Markthal Rotterdam Project

2014 Markthal RotterdamMORE

2014 Wolf Creek LibraryMORE

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Markthal Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Netherlands 2014
Engineering, Production, Installation: Aldowa

The Markthal Rotterdam, the first indoor market and housing development in the Netherlands by Dutch architects MVRDV houses a bustling, indoor, fresh food market surrounded by restaurants, food shops and hospitality units topped with 10 stories of 228 distinctive apartments.

A mural by Dutch artists Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam decorates the inner walls of the 40-meter-high arch. Titled “Horn of Plenty,” the mural brings to life a colossal, colorful array of fruits, vegetables, flowers and insects with a nod to the work of 17th century Dutch still life masters. The larger-than-life mural conveys the desired effect using Valspar’s coatings and a sublimation printing process on 4,000 perforated aluminum panels.

“To help the mural’s imagery pop with color and crispness, Valspar's white polyester powder coatings are used as the first coat on the 2mm aluminum panels -- essentially serving as the gesso on the canvas. Following this critical first coat, Valspar's clear polyurethane powder coating was applied, a scratch-resistant, anti-graffiti coating that helps protect against both human and natural elements,” explained Massimo Meda, Valspar’s architectural manager in Europe.

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Wolf Creek Library

Atlanta, Georgia, USA 2014 | Featuring: Valflon

Designed by the architecture and engineering firm Leo A Daly Co., the Wolf Creek Library artfully blends a 21st century design aesthetic of glass, metal and stone with its surrounding natural landscape that is home to a rainbow of wildlife....| MORE

Kanner Residence Project

2013 Kanner ResidenceMORE

Central Arizona College Maricopa InspireME featured project

2013 Central Arizona College MaricopaMORE

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Kanner Residence

Takoma Park, Maryland, U.S., 2013

Whether it’s in our daily commute to work, or a return home after an extended absence, the mundane details of a location are often shattered when a striking new building or business opens its doors. That very experience recently transpired in the verdant hills of Takoma Park, where a home purchased by builder Alan Kanner underwent a dramatic, full-scale remodel.
In order to construct a house that perfectly suited his lifestyle and aesthetic, Kanner relied on the expertise of a frequent colleague, Mark McInturff, FAIA, of McInturff Architects. Kanner crafted a complete renovation and second story addition, adding approximately 900 square-feet of extra living space. And Mark delivered.| MORE

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Central Arizona College Maricopa Campus

Maricopa, Arizona USA 2013 | Featuring: Fluropon® Cor-Ten AZP

The Valspar Corporation has been named a Metal Construction Association's Chairman's Award recipient for Overall Excellence for its participation in the Central Arizona College, Maricopa Campus project. The award, presented at METALCON International, an annual metal construction tradeshow, honors MCA members for outstanding building projects across the world. This year, a panel of three architect judges reviewed over 90 architectural projects to determine award winners based on innovation and creativity.

Alfond Inn in Rollins Florida Valspar InpsireME featured project

2013 Nu Skin Innovation CenterMORE

The Godfrey Hotel Chicago

2013 The Godfrey Hotel ChicagoMORE

Nu Skin Innovation Center

Provo, Utah USA 2013 | Featuring: Fluropon® Gatwick Silver 399A998
Applicator: Ameritech | Specialty Subcontractor: Steel Encounters | Architect: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

The Godfrey Hotel Chicago

Chicago, Illinois, USA 2013

Detroit Public Safety Headquarters

2013 Detroit Public Safety HeadquartersMORE

Exploration Tower at Port Canaveral in Florida Valspar InspireME featured project

2013 Exploration Tower at Port CanaveralMORE

Detroit Public Safety Headquarters

Detroit, Michigan, USA 2013


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Exploration Tower at Port Canaveral

Port Canaveral, Florida USA 2013 | Featuring: Kameleon® Blue Pearl II and Fluropon® White

With its shimmering, iridescent exterior, Exploration Tower at Port Canaveral beckons visitors with its unique appearance as its color changes in different light and at different angle. Opened in November 2013, the Port’s iconic welcome center showcases the first use of Valspar’s new Kameleon™ Color mica coating as spray-applied to Firestone Metal Products’ UNA-CLAD™ metal wall panels by Linetec, one the nation’s largest finishers of architectural aluminum.

Kennedy Space Center Valspar InspireME featured project

2011 NASA Kennedy Space CenterMORE

Aria Resort and Hotel in Las Vegas Valspar InspireME featured project

2010 Aria Resort & HotelMORE


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NASA Kennedy Space Center

NASA Kennedy Space Center, Houston Texas, USA 2011 | Featuring: Valflon

In 2011, the Space Shuttle Atlantis embarked on its 33rd and final mission into space, marking over two decades of service for NASA. Upon its decommissioning, it was announced that the shuttle would join the ranks of the many illustrious exhibits at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, spurring the construction of a building worthy of housing such an iconic piece of the space program’s history.| MORE

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Valspar Adds Dazzle to Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada USA 2010 | Featuring: Fluropon® SR Tower White and Fluropon® SR Special White

The largest private sustainable development in the world, CityCenter received Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council for six of its buildings. LEED provides independent verification that a building project meets the highest green building and performance measures. ARIA is the largest hotel in the world to be LEED Gold certified. One aspect of certification is using materials that are recyclable — all building components coated with Valspar extrusion and coil coatings are 100 percent recyclable.

930 Poydras Residential Tower, Valspar InspireME featured project

2010 Poydras Residential TowerMORE

Judson University

2009 Judson University’s Academic CenterMORE

930 Poydras Residential Tower

New Orleans, Louisiana USA 2014 | Featuring: Fluropon® Blue Gray 439Z2249M
Applicator: Centria

download Judson University Fluropon Project Press Release

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Judson University's Harm A. Weber Academic Center

Elgin, Illinois, USA 2009 | Featuring: Fluropon® Copper Penny and Fluropon® Ash Gray

Judson University’s Harm A. Weber Academic Center resembles copper, but its sustainability efforts are pure gold. Judson University in Elgin, Ill., recently experienced some enviable challenges: continuous growth in its fledging architectural and design program had led to less classroom, meeting and office space, and the university had also outgrown its current library. School officials came together and concluded that a new facility was needed, with one major priority—the building had to be as sustainable as possible.

Formosa 1140, Valspar InspireME featured project

2008 Formosa 1140MORE

Formosa 1140

Hollywood, California, USA 2008

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