Special Effects

Introducing Fluropon® Effects

It’s not just a color. It’s an experience.

Welcome to a whole new color space.

Bring your inspirations to life like never before with a new line of dimensional colors from Valspar’s premier architectural coating, Fluropon®.

With colors that shift, shine, and sparkle, the new Fluropon Effects line delivers brilliant hues and mesmerizing effects that have never before been achieved in 70% PVDF architectural coatings. Experience exciting dimensional elements and striking colors—plus the highest coating performance available:

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Fluropon Effects:

  • Outstanding color and gloss retention
  • Flexibility and formability
  • Extreme weathering performance
  • Resistance to dirt, stains, chalk, and fade
  • Graffiti resistance that meets ASTM standards

Turn Heads.

Fluropon Effects features three families, each of which takes color in a new direction.

Rich color with a vivid sparkle

In the past, adding sparkle meant sacrificing color integrity. The more of one you wanted, the less you’d get of the other. Not anymore. Using a proprietary application process, the Nova family delivers dynamic, eye-catching sparkle in nearly any color you can dream up, including pastels, bright colors, neutrals, blacks, and whites.

Nova Coil Data Sheet Nova Extrusion Data Sheet Nova Sell Sheet

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Natural and polychromatic colors with a weathered, antique look

Like a walk through an autumn landscape, the Rustica family features a soothing, nature-inspired palette that has never before been available in the Fluropon line. With richer, more saturated colors than ever—some with a subtle color-shift—Rustica provides a calming invitation to linger and savor.

Rustica Coil Data Sheet Rustica Extrusion Data Sheet Rustica Sell Sheet

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Pearlescent hues with active color shifts

With an iridescent, multi-toned effect, Kameleon moves architectural coatings into a new level of color. Featuring a spectrum of intense, vibrant tones that appear to shift when viewed from different angles or in changing lighting, Kameleon helps you achieve a memorable, engaging design.

Kameleon Coil Data Sheet Kameloen Extrusion Data Sheet Kameleon Sell Sheet

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